Here we go!

I have an online store full of antique and vintage clothes, textiles and objets d’art dating from 1760 – 1960.  Yes, some are really 250 years old, that’s so old it’s before electricity, cars,  long before the Edwardians, Victorians and the Regency period, it was way back during the Georgian era right at the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  And some of the really old baby dresses and christening gowns are still in a wearable condition.

They are spilling out everywhere.  Most of them are gorgeous, hand sewn, some hand stitched full of lace, embroidery, frills, flounces and pintucks.  We have antique baby clothes, toddler dresses, heirloom christening gowns, Victorian and Edwardian dresses with bustles, without bustles, corsets, chemises, petticoats and bloomers, jackets, scarves and everything inbetween – the lot – even a whole load of millitary uniforms, red guard jackets, gold buttons and leather belts – I got a bit carried away on a good day.  I can’t resist a bargain or something pretty so there are lots of extras too: samplers, handbags, stockings and lace.

They come from all over Britain and they have ended up here with me and they need to move on to a more loving and spacious home.  That may be with you, or someone you know.

I ship worldwide – free in the UK – and have a massive backlog of stock I am trying to put on line as fast as I possibly can.  If there’s anything you’re after that you can’t see in my shop at please contact me and I might have just the thing in storage.