After all that research and bike hunting there is one factor I overlooked and it’s a major one. We are not gliding majestically around town. There is a large three year old fly in the ointment.

My daughter refuses point blank to sit in the child seat.

She’s explained that riding in a child seat in ‘Angsterdam’ made her cry. The fact that this only lasted 30 seconds and the rest of the time she was ecstatic seems irrelevant to her.

I was so looking forward to speedy, easy peasy daily trips to the post office with my packages barely visible in the capacious panniers and basket. My runs to playgroup would be super quick and all shopping could be picked up en route and carried home before it went off. No more overbalancing buggy laden with bulging bags. No more losses from the netting rack underneath.

Tomorrow I’ll try the chocolate button approach and see whether I can entice her up into that seat.  Any tips and suggestions would be welcome.

Meanwhile here are some of the vintage bags I’ve been adding to my shop.

A 1960s clutch bag with faux pearls and beads

842 - 12


and a vintage 1930s Art Deco beaded bag

 handbag bag purse pocket book

1930s – 1940s Art Deco beaded bag hand bag


Catherine xx