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I can’t believe it. My brand new bike has had two repairs and the gears have stopped working for the second time in three days.

We took it back for a gear repair on Sunday. Bike Technician sorted it out in 45 mins flat on his bike work stand. He said he had not needed to do anything because the gears worked perfectly on the bike stand. Luckily we tested it out in the car park and the gears were still not working in exactly the same way they’d not been working when we’d brought it in to be mended.

Skip the next paragraph if you don’t like rubbish technical descriptions.

The gears could change from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 smoothly and quickly. When going up hill the gears didn’t work. Swivelling the gear changer from 3 to 2 had no effect on the pedalling. Only a grinding noise. Swivelling it from 2 to 1 caused the gears to leap from 3 to 1. I could go back to 2 from 1, but could not go from 2 back to 1 without first going all the way to 3 and turning to 2 from there.

Bike Technician spent half an hour adjusting the set up with a spanner and test riding it around the car park.

I was not completely happy with end result as there was a much longer pause going from 3 to 2 than 2 to 1.

Bike Technician said it was because I was not pausing enough while changing gears and that it he sent the gears back to Shimano they would be within the tolerance levels.

We agreed that he would test ride another bike with Shimano nexus 3 speed gears the next day to see if they were all like that or mine should be smoother.

I know that was stupid of me to agree. He has not phoned.

Yesterday and today on the relatively flat playgroup run the bike was fantastic, apart from needing to completely stop pedalling to go from 3 to 2. This afternoon we went to a friend’s house a couple of miles away uphill. Guess what. The gears do not work on hills. Not only is it slow and grindy from 3 to 2 it’s slow and grindy
from 1 to 2 and requires me to stop pedalling completely, not just relaxing the pressure, and then several revolutions of the pedals before it changes gear.

I’m not a bike expert but this can’t be what Shimano gears are supposed to be like. Is it? I need gears that work on hills and the flat. Shimano might find them to be within their tolerance level. I’ve lost faith in the bike shop as it seems to be able to tolerate anything except the idea that they might have sold a dud bike and need to replace it or give a refund.

I’m going to have to contact them again and hopefully will not have to spend another afternoon driving over and waiting while they fiddle around with it.

We were having such a fantastic time ’til this afternoon.

Any suggestions for a reliable replacement bike with all these specifications and that works, and can have LED lights rather than battery lights would be gratefully received.

It’s simply for transporting a three year old around Buckingham and carrying grocery shopping.

Here it is, my lovely, but not working, Montego Divine on the wooded paths of Buckingham.







I spent this morning adding more Antique Victorian clothes, including these bloomers, to my shop.


Catherine xx