For the last few days all my children have been under the same roof at night. No one has been at a festival or sleeping at a friend’s house. We’ve had a couple of moments in late evenings after all their friends have gone with everyone sitting together chatting. No fighting no arguing.

It’s been lovely, like a ‘normal’ September back to school.

I’ve gone up to bed and said good night to them all. My eldest son is still playing the guitar and singing downstairs. My second had a trial at a new job in a bar he can walk to. They asked him back. He’s in his room skyping. My third is studying and sorting out his stationery for the new term. My fourth is lying in bed deeply immersed in the Kite Runner. Last of all, my fifth is sleeping in her big girl bed. I’ve just picked her up off the eiderdowns folded on the floor next to her bed for the second a times this evening and she’s stretched out breathing steadily.

It’s not going to last for long. My eldest son is going back to Bristol on Thursday and my second son will start his evening job. We’ll start our new normal until we’re all together again at Christmas.

Catherine xx