On my way to bed tonight I heard a petrified man scream out “Aaahhhhh!!!!”

I rushed out into the landing to see what going in….Armed intruder? Meteorite? Feral fox?

It was son no. 3, headphones in and on, standing at the bottom of the stairs looking sheepish. He’d been feeling his way down to the kitchen in the dark and bumped into his younger brother, scary son no 4, who was feeling his way up to bed.

If you like antique samplers have a look at the two I’ve just added two to my shop. www.buckinghamvintage.co.uk

They were made in 1908 and 1909 by two sisters, Amalie and Margaret Weiss. They’re red wool cross-stitch alphabet samplers in good bright condition on a creamy white background.

Remember to take your headphones off when walking around in the dark!

Night night.

Catherine xx