I’m looking for a dressmaking evening course in the school around the corner from my house.

I thought that was pretty straightforward.  Something I could fit in once a week when no. five is asleep in bed .

Aylesbury Vale District Council runs 1400 Adult Education classes throughout Buckinghamshire – that’s a lot.  Each and everyone is listed on their website.

1400 courses searchable by:

  1. their ten digit random string course code, or
  2. the multi word course titlle

I’m not a random number generating and retaining machine – I don’t even remember my own kids’ phone numbers, not even the numbers of the three who never lose their phones. As for making up titles…

I had to phone the helpline.

After a brief consultation – I’m talking less than 60 seconds – a nice lady established that I’m the only dunderhead in Buckinghamshire to be outwitted by their user “friendly” database and selected and read out in a slow monotone three course titles with their corresponding ten digit codes.  Each one, she thought, would be perfect for me.

Unfortunately they were all in High Wycombe which takes over an hour to get to – I’m not time rich.  More time travelling than doing it takes the shine off for me.

I’ll wait ’til the brochure gets here.