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So, there I was in Monday evening complacently settling down to a year of just the five of us when no 2 son mentions he wishes he’d not applied for deferred entry to university.


12 hours later…

He, undeferred his deferred entry, sorted out halls of residence, student finance, laundered, took passport photos, packed…

His sister came home from playgroup to the news he was moving to a new house – she’s most upset. His brothers came home from school to the news he was leaving in the morning. No more gap year.


18 hours later…

We visited IKEA kitchen dept, had our last meal, last night, last morning…

…36 hours later….

We drove to Cambridge, picked up keys, unpacked. Daughter and I loitered in Cambridge for the day while he registered & attended freshers fair. We food shopped and and we left him there all alone in his tiny little room away from his big noisy family. A student.

….48 hours later….

He’s GONE!

My cuddly baby has learned to crawl, walk, run, ride a bike, read, write, be a gymnast, beaver cub, fruit bat, big brother, little brother, friend, lighting technician, ukele player, singer, festival goer, independent traveller, and most of all a lovely human being

All too fast..the whole of the last 18 years.

Three years of just the four of us beckon…