I’m an antique dealer in antique and vintage clothes, textiles and objets d’art dating from 1760  to 1960.  I concentrate on historic costume and childrens wear that is mostly Edwardian and earlier though a few mid 20th century items do sneak in.

This blog started off this summer as an aide to my shop – something that was so beautiful and interesting it would convert readers into doves of eager buyers snapping up my antique clothes and object’s d’art.

After a slow start with hardly any time to write blog posts between lots of family changes – my two eldest going off to Uni – and three younger children being very busy over the summer holidays my posts were mostly about family life.  The topics were whatever popped into my head at the precise moment I had a spare few minutes to use the laptop and were nothing to do with antiques – not great planning.

Guess what? I’m now noticing that when I blog about my antique clothes I get all you lovely readers visiting my shop and going shopping – a direct correlation!

Buckingham Vintage www.Buckinghamvintage.co.uk

My eldest

I’m now trying to concentrate on the antiques and not get sidetracked too much into the current family events.

Anyone who is still here thank you for reading.  Lets get on with the rest.


Catherine Xx

Ps. If you’re interested in my shop it’s www.buckinghamvintage.co.uk  It’s full of lovely antique clothes and textiles.


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